Thought I’d end the year here…where I started this blog…in defiance of the Idiot Elect who has wished us ‘losers’ a Happy New Year.

The ground has shifted, again.
The expectation may be that I will move towards appeasement.
I can assure you I will not.
The expectation may be that excluding me will have me learn to acquiesce.
I can assure you it will not.
The expectation may be that your victory will mean that the wrongs committed in its end will be forgotten.
I can assure you they will not.
Every day I grow stronger in my resolve.
Every day my anger subsides and my commitment increases.
There is no country in the world that means more to me than the planet.
There is no strength to a baseless, soulless, morally repugnant argument.
What I promise is that I will fight.
I will challenge.
I will focus.
I will stand up.