This blog site is a place to discuss ideas, agree if possible, disagree constructively, but also passionately.  It is a place to try to find consensus among our differing views.

Consensus is not about agreement, but acceptance of different views in order to come to a compromise. Very little is pure in consensus. Instead, it seeks to find common ground looking towards settlement of conflicts by losing – giving in, not being right – nor righteous. Accepting that we may never agree, but have to find a way forward.

Idealism is hopeful; ideology is limiting – both diffuse the pragmatic focus in which solutions can be found.

This site is a place of challenge, questions, debate.  In so much as these types of discussions are unlikely to be placid, there may be disagreement at times.  These are welcome.

We have stopped having frank conversations in order not to create upset.  Unfortunately, this kind of engagement has resulted in shocking electoral outcomes in Britain (Brexit) and the United States (Trump).

Tolerance of post-truth information, off the wall conspiracy theories or other articles of untruth ferment division – will not be entertained here.   One of the issues which has resulted in our current calamities – is the permeation of this alt-right bile, hatred and abuse into mainstream news, as well as popular unchecked websites.  Outlandish, anarchistic or other alternate realities will not have a platform. This will be a place of facts and fact checking.  Facts are often found in alternate news, we do not stand against this.  There is a difference between whistle blowing and tooting one’s own horn.

Writing heals the soul, as such others are encouraged to submit articles.  Referencing information, e.g. providing the sources, is required for anything that is not purely opinion.

If we don’t challenge, we appease.  If we stay silent, we condone.  If we don’t disagree, come to the best possible outcome and move forward together – we will break apart.