Bully Pulpit

Agleam in the Los Angeles sun, the car pulled out of the semi-circular exit from the $$$ hotel.  Our feet, barely missed, as it moved slowly enough to allow my hand to reach out and thump the trunk in defiance for its failure to give way to pedestrians.  The handprint...

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Context ‘Complex’

For those interested in the Middle East, thought I'd share what is being shared by the followers of the Purloiner Elect. Just as they consider their current values reflected in the legislative acts that Lincoln undertook e.g. we're not racist because Lincoln was a...

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Stand Up

Thought I'd end the year here...where I started this blog...in defiance of the Idiot Elect who has wished us 'losers' a Happy New Year. The ground has shifted, again. The expectation may be that I will move towards appeasement. I can assure you I will not. The...

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The Last Word

"We are 360 degrees opposite in our views." Pause.  Breathe.  Did I love her enough not to say anything?  I did and signed off my abstention from discourse with a platitude and emoji heart.  Enthusiastically I’d invited her back to my Facebook because I'd decided to...

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